Estradiol Injections

Injections are widely considered to be the most effective delivery method of Estradiol. The Estradiol is estered into a longer lasting formulation and injected using a small needle either subcutaneous or intramuscular, both providing similar results. Shorter esters such as Estradiol Valerate, Estradiol Cypionate and Estradiol Enanthate are common and typically injected weekly. Longer esters such as Estradiol Undecylate have started to appear on the market more recently and while their safety is undisputed, there is very little research on their elimination times.

The main downside to Injections besides practical difficulties with injecting and needle phobias are that the vials come almost exclusively from "homebrew" providers. These providers purchase medical grade Estradiol in its raw powdered form, dissolve it into human safe oils and seal it into vials that are then distributed to customers. While we take great care in adding only providers that have demonstrated a large number of verifiable satisfied customers and openly share their process for critique, any potential buyer should be aware of this so that they can make an informed decision about their body.

Estradiol Cypionate
Estradiol Enanthate
Estradiol Undecylate
Estradiol Valerate