Estradiol Pills

Estradiol Pills are usually taken orally, though some can be taken by sublingual or buccal administration when correctly formulated. Pills are often cheap and easily taken making them an easier regimen to follow for most users. Some are formulated in a relatively pure form such as Estradiol Hemihydrate with active concentration of 97%, while others are estered such as Estradiol Valerate with an active concentration of around 2/3rds. This is important to understand since pills are typically sold as containing 2mg, but two pills of different formulations may not be equivelant doses.

The main downside to oral pills is that much of the Estradiol is metabolised in the liver and thus a much higher dose is required than other methods to reach target levels. Pills also require a higher frequency regimen as Estradiol has a biological half life of 4 hours, and lack the depoting effects of other administration methods. Twice or thrice daily is recommended.

Estradiol Hemihydrate
Estradiol Valerate