Data Privacy

We live in a world where data about everything we do is constantly collected and sold, often as the primary business model for the services we use. Individually this data can seem benign and the companies collecting it often have no ill intent, but once sold and compiled by more nefarious actors it can provide the worst people in the world with concerningly large amounts of information about us. As such this website has been built to collect as little data as possible and uses the minimum possible amount of services so that your data is shared as little as possible.

In particular we've made sure that none of the major data farming tech company like Google, Amazon or Facebook are ever exposed to your data on any level.

Backups of the site are taken regularly and stored offline.

For your peace of mind here's an ELI5 run down of exactly what's stored, where, and who with.

User Data

The only user data we track is the email, password and first name you give us if you create an account. We also of course store a list of any listings you subscribe to so that we can send you updates via email about them. At any time you can go to your Profile page, click the "Delete User Account" button and all of this information will be immediately and irretrieveably deleted from our servers.


This sites tracks some basic analytics data simply to understand how people are using the website so we can improve it in future. This includes information like the browser and type of device you're using, the pages you visit, and location down to a rough region of the country you live in (e.g. your state if you live in the US). This information is stored exclusively by us on our own servers and is never shared with anyone else. We've also deliberately made it impossible to match user accounts on the website with visitors in this analytics data so that in the worst case scenario of a security breach it would be useless. It's also configured to respect any analytics blocking browser plugins.