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    Amy 4/5
    April 22, 2024
    very prompt and discrete delivery so over all so far very good, however using crpto is a more difficult payment method and HRT are often out of stock
    Luna 5/5
    April 20, 2024
    Have had no issues at all after about a year now. Certainly better than having to wait 5 fucking years on an NHS waiting list. Onto my 2nd vial which i've also had no problems with. Delivery can be a bit slow and they run out quickly so just be prepared to order in advance. Crypto is the only payment option but you can use Moonpay which simplifies things a bit.
    Grace 5/5
    April 5, 2024
    Very prompt service, discreet packaging, and excellent product.
    Doug Dealer 5/5
    March 19, 2024
    haha yeah awesome yeeeeaaaHhhh (ow my boops)
    Eve 5/5
    March 1, 2024
    These guys are pretty awesome
    Anonymous 1/5
    Dec. 21, 2023
    K 5/5
    Dec. 1, 2023
    I had issues in May with shipping (Thanks to Royal Mail), but I was instantly compensated and the customer service is incredible. Been on their Injections for a good 6 months and my levels are strong.
    Poppy 5/5
    Nov. 23, 2023
    Excellent customer service, solid pricing and high quality product. Can't ask for anymore. I had issues with validation of my payment (apparently with xmr it can be temperamental at times) and despite putting a message in late at night (8pm gmt) the staff got back within an hour and manually validated the purchase. Would definitely recommend for any UK transfemmes (beats NHS 'care' certainly)
    Kayla 5/5
    Jan. 18, 2023
    - Legit products ( - 3-5 days to deliver. - Lots of good info, how-tos and needle/consumable suppliers at the bottom of product pages. Products arrived in standard, plain bag-style packaging. [Sensitive information about packaging redacted by admins] and shrink-wrapped. 10/10 would feminise again.