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  • Inhouse Pharmacy are a reliable online pharmacy who've been around for a couple of decades. They are a subsidiary of their parent company Pacific Health which operates from the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu where they are a licensed pharmacy providing prescription medications to customers all over the South Pacific islands. Inhouse Pharmacy is merely a secondary sales channel for them, taking advantage of Vanuatu's lax medical export laws.

    Their medications are of high quality and sourced through the same supply chains as US pharmacies.

    While highly reliable, operating from such a remote location incurs all kinds of extra costs meaning that they are rarely the cheapest option, and have some of the longest postage times of any OTC hormone provider, typically 4-6 weeks.


    Like most pharmacies they do not accept Visa or Mastercard due to their respective medical services policies, however they do accept American Express. They also of course support direct bank transfer, however doing so is complicated by Vanuatu not operating on the SWIFT system and Wise plus several other transfer services having them blacklisted.

    They haven't accepted Cryptocurrency as a payment method for several years due to increased regulation and are unlikely ever to do so.


    All deliveries are made via airmail and take around 4-6 weeks. Their deliveries often get held up in customs for some time. If your order is lost in shipping they will happily send you a second delivery.

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    Estradiol Patches
    Estradiol Pills
    Combination Minoxidil
    Minoxidil 10%
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