Felicitas Estradiol Gel

  • Group:
  • Dosage form:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Active ingredient:
  • Volume:
    50 ml
  • Total active ingredient:
    330 mg
  • Concentration:
    6.6 mg/ml
  • Dose per pump:
    2.0 mg
  • Volume per pump:
    0.30 ml

Estradiol Gel is a form of bioidentical Estradiol that has been suspended in a transdermal gel so that it can be administered by applying it to the skin and giving it some time to be absorbed in. This functions the same as transdermal patches with it simply being a larger dose once or twice per day, as opposed to a patch that is worn permanently. Estradiol and many other medications have been delivered in this form for decades and along with patches it's the safest form of administration.

Unlike many other medications on this site these products are produced by private individuals, not pharmaceutical companies, and thus do not have the associated safety guarantees. While we only list providers with a positive reputation within the DIY community it's important to understand these risks so that you can make an informed decision.

This product is 50ml of gel, at a concentration of 6.60mg per ml, for a total of a 330mg per bottle. Each pump contains 2mg of Estradiol.

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