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  • Ships From: Hong Kong
  • Ships To: United Kingdom
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  • 4NRX Pharmacy UK is the UK division of 4NRX Pharmacy who've been around for over a decade and ship to several countries. They operate out of Hong Kong and all orders are shipped from there.

    They source medications through standard international supply channels, typically selling whichever country's branding is cheaper, Australia and Turkey being quite common.


    Unlike most pharmacies 4NRX do accept Visa, just not on your first order. If you make your first order using that payment method it will be rejected and they will ask you to pay via bank transfer or Bitcoin, though bank transfer can be difficult as many payment processors such as Wise have blocked their account.


    All deliveries are made via airmail from Hong Kong and take around 2-6 weeks. Their deliveries often get held up in customs for some time.

    Estradiol Patches
    Estradiol Pills
    Combination Minoxidil
    Minoxidil 10%
    Minoxidil 2%
    Minoxidil 5%