Progesterone (gestheal) 200mg x10

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    Healing Pharma India
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  • Pack size:
    10 pills
  • Dose per pill:
    200.0 mg

Progesterone is the primary Progestogen, the secondary group of female sex hormones.

While many clinicians treat synthetic Progestins and bioidentical Progesterone as interchangeable based on older care guidelines, more recent studies show significantly lower risks when using bioidentical Progesterone.

Progesterone is often taken by transfeminine people along with Estradiol for a variety of reasons including improved breast development and improved fat redistribution. There is currently no data supporting its efficacy on those fronts but there are several studies [1, 2, 3] showing significant benefits to mental and emotional function.

Gestheal is the brand name for Healing Pharma India's Progesterone pills and can be safely mixed and matched with any other brand of 200mg Progesterone pills.

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